Your health. Your budget.

At First Look,
it’s your MRI.

No one knows your body better than you. When something is off, you notice. Typically, you would have to go through a series of appointments before scheduling an MRI. You’d wait for an available date, deal with “Is it in-network?” conversations, manage out-of-pocket costs, then wait again on your results.

We simplified the process. First Look doesn’t require a referral or prior appointment. And we don’t take insurance. This means you can get an MRI done quicker by our experienced radiologists and benefit from significant savings. At First Look MRI, you’re finally back in control.

An MRI Process Defined By Patients

One Flat Fee

We don’t answer to insurance companies and we own the equipment, so you pay one low, flat fee.

Fast and Thorough

Your results are read by the radiologists and delivered to you same-day in video format, at no extra charge.

Exceptional Value

If your doctor determines that a deeper look is needed, your $399 is credited toward a second-look MRI.

Open MRI Advantage

We invested in an Open MRI to better serve our patients, understanding that claustrophobia can be a great concern for many people. Because of the open architecture, open MRI machines provide a more comfortable experience, helping remove some of the stress involved in finding answers. Unlike with a traditional MRI, you won’t need to be enclosed in a tube within the machine eliminating much of the worry.

Need an MRI? Do it on your terms. Schedule an appointment