$499 MRI. Same-day results with free video report.
No doctor's order required.

Healthcare Simplified.

Fast, affordable, and hassle-free MRI

A complete suite of MRI services with no hidden costs or fees and superior service

An MRI in Atlanta can cost up to $3,000. At First Look MRI a scan will always have the same low price of $499 for a single body part and discounts for multiple scans.

“5 Stars! Best experience of my healthcare life. This is how healthcare should be! Super prompt reply by Dr. Gay, super friendly staff and incredible, beautiful, warm facility. My ortho doctor was super impressed with the pictures and totally wowed by the video. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to avoid the run around rat race of healthcare today. ” — David S.

A new level of understanding with Industry-unique video reports

Available only at First Look MRI

With each scan we provide an additional, free video report made specifically for non-technical users by our experienced radiologists.

Industry-unique MRI scan video reports

The video is a simple, personalized read of your scan so you can easily understand if there is a problem that requires additional medical attention without waiting for your doctor to interpret the scan for you.


We also create a full technical report for your doctor, delivered directly to them at your request.

Simply book online or call one of our centers to book your walk-in MRI scan, with results sent straight to your email within 24 hours.

Why First Look MRI?



$499 includes your scan, a written report, and a simplified video report. With no hidden costs and no insurance companies to delay your scan or tell you it can’t be done.




Results from an MRI specialist emailed within 24 hours, guaranteed! For a small additional fee you can get results within 90 minutes.




Save money on two or more scans and on multi body part packages. Annual family memberships are also available to give you easy access and peace of mind.


Take Control of Your Health

Have you avoided a medical test because of the cost or been denied a scan by your insurance company?

  Are you tired of waiting weeks to get a scan and then even longer to find results from your doctor?

Do you have a high deductible and will be paying for the scan out of pocket or have no insurance at all?

Now you can take charge of your healthcare.  At First Look MRI you can find answers in as little as 90 minutes without relying on a doctor order or permission from insurance.   To help you understand, we offer an industry unique video report that describes the findings to you in simple terms, plus advice on what to do next.

We provide thousands of high-quality, low-cost MRI scans and reports every year, but why should you take our word for it? Read what our customers are saying about us.

“So nice to know the upfront costs and be able to order my own scan.  Great service in a clean, friendly environment that felt more like a spa than a medical office. By far the best experience I’ve had with medical imaging.  Thanks to everyone at First Look MRI!” —  J. Callahan

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Concerned about what an MRI entails and if you might have a condition that requires special attention? Find answers to all your questions in our FAQ or call our friendly and helpful staff at one of our centers for all the information your need.

We strive to make you feel as comfortable and secure as possible while receiving the care you need and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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A local Atlanta MRI Service

Atlanta-based and with two convenient locations located in Brookhaven and Braselton, we are open until late every day and half day on Saturdays. Check out our locations for more information on high field and open MRI scanners and to book your scan.

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Why are our MRI scans so cheap?

Good question! The reason we are able to provide high-quality MRI scans in Atlanta for a fraction of the price that large hospitals or healthcare providers charge is because we cut out not only the middleman (insurance companies), but also the high overhead that comes with running a large operation.

Since we don’t bill insurance and do only MRI scans, our process is streamlined, requiring less staff and infrastructure. Plus, we don’t need high profit margins like hospitals to support the operation so we pass the savings on to you.

With a high field MRI in Brookhaven and an open MRI in Braselton to serve you, we are committed to provide the very best user experience in a relaxing, comfortable environment.