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For the first time, you can save time and money by starting with the MRI.  Then you can seek advice from a health care professional based on the imaging findings.  To keep it simple, we offer the same low cost of just $399 for all customers. We do not take insurance and no doctor order is required.  So, you can schedule yourself online or walk in and find answers now. We’re also the first to offer an informative video report created for you by a fellowship trained MRI expert with 20 years of experience. In addition to the video, you’ll receive a written report that you can share with your health care professional.   Finally, you can take control of your health.

Just $399 for an MRI, a custom video, and no doctor order required. A new paradigm in healthcare delivery.



            The MRI Runaround


“Absolutely awesome- love how quick and easy getting the MRI and results was.  The doctors report was fabulous, I have told lots of people about this new place!!!!”

“The video report was in my email by the time I returned home. I was floored by such medical timeliness and efficiency! I will surely recommend y’all and will utilize your services if I need such in the future!”

“Honestly cannot think of one thing that could be improved on. Client service was excellent, MRI technician was great, and radiologist was superb!  Left appointment with MRI disk, written & video reports were in my email by the time I got home that evening. Overall an exceptional experience!  PS: left there with a Tshirt, mug & pen…..AWESOME!!!
Kudos to First Look MRI….wish there were more medical services like you!!!”

“First Look MRI sets the bar high for other healthcare facilities! I was taken back for my MRI within 5 minutes of my arrival. The front desk staff and the tech who performed my test were courteous and friendly and explained the process to me. I had been warned about the claustrophobic feel of the closed MRI units and the loud noise that had to be endured during testing. First Look MRI is an Open MRI unit so there was no issue with feeling closed in and there was very little noise whatsoever during my test. I received my results the following day along with an emailed link that allowed me to be walked through the actual MRI itself with Dr. Gay detailing all of the findings. When I was initially scheduled for my MRI at the local hospital, I was quoted $1848 for my out of pocket cost and that was WITH insurance. The $399 fee at First Look MRI was certainly a more affordable option, and the quality of service was far superior to any other facility that I’ve ever visited for this type of service. Without reservation, I highly recommend First Look MRI.”

“Thank you Dr. Gay for the video report!  It helped me understand why my neck is hurting. I also liked taking a copy of the written report to my Physical Therapist a day after my MRI!  My experience at First Look MRI was wonderful. I was able to get an MRI very quickly and delivered my written report and disk to my physician. The staff was very friendly and I have told many people about your office.   I have a very high medical deductible and greatly appreciate a cost friendly service without insurance hassle.”

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Based on the MRI findings, we can refer you to an appropriate health care professional for clinical evaluation and treatment advice.

When you use First Look MRI, you’ll have access to our extensive network of doctors and other health care professionals that are committed to providing exceptional health care to our community.