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Partial MRI Scan

Partial MRI of only the most important images for those who cannot afford a full MRI

Only for brain and lumbar spine.

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Standard MRI Scan

Full diagnostic MRI of one body, the same as offered at all hospitals and imaging centers

Save $25 on additional body parts


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Premium MRI Scan

Full diagnostic MRI with VIDEO REPORT created by the radiologist just for you. Understand as the results with a personalized video from the doctor in simple terms.

- Exclusively at First Look MRI -

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Exams include written report and CD of the images.
It has never been easier to find answers.

* No insurance or medicare accepted. All exams are without contrast.


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MRI is what we love and it is all we do. All of our radiologists are fellowship trained MRI experts. When it comes to your health, don't settle. Choose First Look MRI and have confidence in the results.

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Want to find answers without having to ask for permission from your insurance company or doctor? At First Look MRI, no order is required and the results are sent directly to you, the paying customer, and to the doctor you specify. At other facilities in Atlanta, an MRI plus an additional reading fee can cost thousands of dollars and it may take weeks to learn the results from another visit to your doctor. At First Look MRI, an MRI with report included is only $399, and results are emailed to you in under 24 hours, saving time and money. STAT results are sent to you in under 90 minutes. If you cannot afford a full scan, we offer a limited screening MRI of the head or low back for $299 so you can find answers.

A well-deserved A+ goes out to the Brookhaven First Look MRI! This is a first class business. From my first phone call to walking in the door and walking out was truly refreshing. Where else would you get this? A reasonable cost full of value, even to the point that you will receive a video of your MRI explained in laymen terms by A DOCTOR! Highly reccommend these folk.

Bob Grant

Terry Ozburn

1 day ago

Seriously the best experience you could ask for when having an MRI. The waiting room looks like a hotel lobby, the staff is super friendly, there was no wait, and my MRI with a personal video review by the doctor was waiting for me in my email by the time I got home.

Tracie Hicks

Tracie Hicks

3 weeks ago

"Honestly one of the most incredible medical facilities I've ever been in." 10/11/2019 7:25 pm
"Best medical service out there." 10/3/2020 9:15 am
"Great service. Answer within 2 hours after phone call. Cost less than a visit to Urgent Care and much more informative...Highly recommend." 10/7/2020 4:38 pm

Don't understand the written report?

Get a video report from the doctor

- Exclusively at First Look MRI -

With our premium package you will receive an additional video report created by our experienced radiologists just for you. The report will show any abnormal findings and discuss the clinical implications and severity of your condition.

The video allows you understand the problem from an unbiased MRI specialist's perspective and not have to wait for your doctor to explain the results.

Start with the MRI

When you need answers, schedule your exam easily by phone or online and have answers the same day. If the MRI is abnormal, you can see your doctor with the results in hand, not wasting time and money on an initial office visit. Finding answers at First Look MRI is easy and stress free with no order required, transparent pricing, and no hidden fees.

A local Atlanta MRI Service

Atlanta-based and with two convenient locations located in Brookhaven and Braselton, we are open Monday through Saturday. Check out our locations for more information on high field and open MRI scanners and to book your scan.



Stat results in under 90 minutes or talk to the radiologist before leaving

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As low as $299 for a Quick Look MRI and $399 for a full diagnostic scan

We keep it simple and pass the savings on to you

Why are our MRI scans so cheap?

Good question! The reason we are able to provide high-quality MRI scans in Atlanta for a fraction of the price that large hospitals or healthcare providers charge is because we cut out not only the middleman (insurance companies), but also the high overhead that comes with running a large operation.

Since we don’t bill insurance and do only MRI scans, our process is streamlined, requiring less staff and infrastructure. Plus, we don’t need high profit margins like hospitals to support the operation so we pass the savings on to you.

With a high field MRI in Brookhaven and an open MRI in Braselton to serve you, we are committed to provide the very best user experience in a relaxing, comfortable environment.