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“5 stars! Best experience of my healthcare life. This is how healthcare should be! Super prompt reply by Dr. Gay, super friendly staff and incredible, beautiful, warm facility. My ortho doctor was super impressed with the pictures and totally wowed by the video. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to avoid the run around rat race of healthcare today. ”   David S.    

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$399 includes everything. Period. With a cost you can afford and no insurance company to tell you no, you have the power to find answers.




Results from an MRI specialist to you within 24 hours.  STAT report within 90 minutes for an additional fee. Includes a free, first in the industry video report of important findings.



Health Screening Packages

An MRI screening exam may help find problems early, making treatment easier and potentially saving your life. Multiple body part packages and annual family memberships are available.



To get your MRI, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Click BOOK NOW and schedule an appointment at the location of your choice.

2.  Get the scan in a beautiful facility.

3.  Check your email within 24 hours for the results – or in 90 minutes if you ordered STAT.



Saving you money

To keep it simple, we offer the same low cost of just $399 for everyone, with no hidden costs.  Other imaging centers may charge $1200 -$3500 for an MRI and send a bill from the radiologist for several hundred dollars on top of that!  We do not take insurance and no doctor order is required, so you can schedule yourself online or walk in and find answers today for only $399.


  Your time is valuable

The complex and expensive US healthcare machine has taken control over your health and your wallet.  But you can take it back.   At First Look MRI, you can save valuable time and money by starting with the MRI and get results the same day. Then, see your health care professional if needed with the imaging results in hand.  No more waiting weeks or months and multiple visits to find answers.

Understand your MRI

You will receive an innovative “First Look” VIDEO REPORT from an MRI expert so you can understand the findings and be empowered to take control.  You will also receive a written report to share with your health care professional.

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