Best place to get an MRI. Hands down!

Emanuel Popovich

Excellent customer service. This was my first visit and everything was explained clearly to me. I was provided with results in the expected time frame and was also provided with a thank you gift after my appointment. Would definitely recommend as prices are very reasonable and results were easy to understand. Beverages were also available while waiting.

Courtney Link

Stephanie was the best. She was happy and explained everything. I saved $300 by coming here and am so thankful for your services. The office is clean and the staff was professional. This is the place to go if you need an MRI.

Erin Foster

I made a same day appointment for an MRI. I walked in and was called back for my MRI before I even had a chance to make myself a coffee at their nice coffee bar (convenient touch, by the way). The technician was professional, kind, and explained everything. The clinic itself was new, modern, & spotless. The technician made sure I was comfortable and provided ear plugs, as well as nice headphones, which played my choice of music. The whole experience was flawless. I received a CD of my scans before I left the appointment and Dr. Gay, the radiologist, emailed me with his findings within a few hours. I loved the video (an add-on, with a modest fee), in which Dr. Gay narrated his findings and pointed out observations from the MRI. This cost me $499, private pay, instead of $2,000 at the office recommended by my orthopedist. With my high insurance deductible, the $2,000 would have been paid out of pocket so this is a huge savings. As an occupational therapist myself, I was impressed by Dr. Gay’s professionalism, knowledge, and fast turn around. I recommend First Look MRI without hesitation!

Kristin Ebersold

Great service, fast results!

Kaylin Robins

My husband experienced a foot injury late Friday night. We called the next morning, Saturday, and First Look MRI was able to fit us in as their last appointment for the day. Not only was the staff amazing, the office was neat and tidy. Our wait time was about 45 minutes, no complaints here! I would highly recommend First Look MRI if you need this done quickly and efficiently. Dr. Gay had the report emailed to me within a matter of hours, awesome customer service!

Katie Smith

This facility is great! Staff was awsome. The best is the video explanation sent by the doctor to my email explaining in very good and clear detail my MRI results. MRI was very reasonably priced in comparison to other places around. No surprises with bills sent to you later. I highly recommend First Look MRI!!

Derek Bragante

This place it is wonderful. No waiting time, great people with nice personalities, and very professional. They make you feel very comfortable since the minute you walk inside.

Cris Colon

Fantastic service, fast accurate results and unbelievable pricing vs. using my insurance. I highly recommend if you know you have a problem that needs to be addressed now instead of wasting the time and money of jumping through the insurance mandatory 4 – 5 weeks of physical therapy hoop before you can have an MRI.

Tom Sandman

I had two areas scanned and it was a great experience. Dr. Gay emailed my scan with his video diagnosis within 3 hours. This was the best medical text experience I have ever had. I will recommend First Look MRI to anyone who needs this service. It is kind of amazing to have a medical test and know upfront what the cost is. Thank you Dr. Gay.

Michael Asalone

I drove over an hour from Dallas, GA and saved $125 from a quote I got at an imaging center 5 min from my house. The office was great, the staff was greater and I got my daughter’s results in 18 hrs. Awesome service!!!

Kyleen Davis

Roberto gives exceptional service. This was the most pleasant MRI I have ever experienced at an affordable price. Natalia provided my results quickly and also provided wonderful customer service. I recommend this office for all of your MRI scans!

Eugenia Spivey

I was about to pay $2,200 for a MRI on my knee before I found this place. The experience was excellent. They gave me ear plugs and headphones with my choice of music. I can’t say enough good things about this place.

Greg Counts

Very impressed with the whole experience. Thank you Doctor Gay!

James Tipton

Awesome experience. Had a Saturday appointment, which in itself is unusual. Pastries and beverages in the lobby. Complete, interesting film review and report in less than 24 hrs. The report went to my junk mail, so, just look for it there.

Frances Wanchick

First Look MRI has a refreshing approach to diagnostic MRI. They are fast, accommodating, and have a cash rate cheaper than most insurance companies co-pays. The radiologists give great reports and the video reports help you to understand what they see. They have been a great resource for many of our patients and they always give great feedback on First Look MRI.

Hamilton Mill Chiropractic

Outstanding service! The office is clean and neat and their customer service was top notch. The MRI tech was very friendly and helpful, answering all of my questions (I was super nervous because I get a little claustrophobic and had never had an MRI before). I got my results video and documents less than 24 hours later and found the root of my neck and back issues. Such a reasonable price and great service!

Randi Minor

Wow!!! I am a hard man to impress but First Look MRI did it for me. My wife and I showed up 15 min early like they asked us to and were greeted professionally. In and out within 45 minutes. Kind, courteous and understanding about my pain. Five stars across-the-board. Even gave my wife a coffee cup with chocolate truffles in it on the way out the door. Dr. Gay had my results and explained them to me in understandable vocabulary by the time I went to bed the same night. I understand business/customer service and there are a lot of companies that could learn how to treat their customers from First Look MRI. Needless to say I had a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate one second to refer somebody to First Look MRI. Thank you sooo much!!

Chip Heslin

Very professional and timely report

Charles G

Right on time, friendly, professional people. Great written and video report available the next day at a very affordable price. Very pleased.

David Aspinwall

This place is amazing! The Doc wanted to charge us over $2000 for the same MRI and could not get us in for over 2 weeks. First Look MRI got us in the same day! The office look and feel is one of the best I’ve seen out of any Doc office. Feels like a Country Club and the staff is great!

Mike Emich

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with First Look MRI. From scheduling the appointment to meeting the staff, having the MRI performed and receiving the report in paper AND video format, it was a first rate experience. I would gladly recommend their services and have total confidence in knowing that person would receie the absolute best care possible.

Leslie Morris

I’m not typically one for endorsements but unfortunately I seem to regularly visit the orthopedic surgeons and I’ve had some less than pleasant experiences getting things done. Those folks are doing it right. Simple, straight-forward process without the hassle of insurance. The total cost of this non-referral, walk-in MRI is less than my out-of-pocket expense for one I had done last year under insurance coverage (and I had to argue with the insurance company to eventually approve it). The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and I had a written report and video of my results the very next day. MRI’s aren’t cheap, buf if you know you need one and you’re getting the run around from your insurance company, this makes life so much easier. Healthcare, simplified.

Stephen Wilbanks

I was told I needed a MRI that would cost over 6K and I was blessed to find First Look MRI. I was welcomed by a warm staff on arrival. The paperwork process was very short, streamlined, and high tech. When I went in for the MRI, I ended up unexpectedly had a short anxiety attack but the technician quickly calmed me down and repositioned me in the machine. It was enough to get me through a 45 minute session with no problem. I was even more surprised that the Radiologist came out and met me personally, he even remembered I work for the post office when explaining my problem on the personalized video sent with my results. I left with a CD of my scans in hand, and received my report much quicker than estimated in the office. I even found it fun trying and diagnose myself after watching some videos at home. I would recommend this office for MRI’s a million times over. THANK YOU First Look MRI for your great service and personal care!!!!

Tobias Risher

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with first look MRI in Brookhaven! Extremely professional, quick results, and a video with a doctor reading the results within hours of our appointment! All I have to do now is email our orthopedic surgeon. So impressed!!!!

Tessa Barber-Bryan

I scheduled an appointment and within 3 days I had an MRI done my knee that showed exactly what was wrong. Now I know how to exercise without having to guess. What’s better, I got a video review of my MRI from the doctor.

Bob Grant, PLC

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